I love homemade frosting!

I got to Bard at about 5:30 and met a prospective Bard Conservatory student (Francesco) and his Dad (Curtis). Very nice folks. Francesco is accomplished in the piano, violin and viola and has composed 3 major musical works already! Very impressive.

Vince tried to sleep in Katherine and Bob’s bed last night, but apparently he kept insisting that he was hungry and thirsty, so they sent him back to sleep with me.

In the morning, we said goodbye to Francesco and Curtis and headed to the student center so Vince could eat 2 sausage patties.

I looked for poetry books in the bookstore, especially John Ashbery books.

Then we went back home in a raging blizzard. Yikes, it was pretty silly being out there in the slush and cold with two kids and a single stroller, but we made it home.

Then I spent the rest of the morning making cupcakes with Vince. Vince didn’t really help, he mainly ate sugar. The cupcakes were too full and they all overflowed the tops and made a gigantic 9-cupcake mass.

Then we braved the weather and drove back to Wappingers. It took more than 2 hours in the snow, but the kids slept and I went really slowly.

We had an early dinner of raviolis and then I made the frosting for the cupcakes. Frosting is just sugar and butter pretty much. Remember that. It is so much better than the stuff out of the can. We are ready for B-day.

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