Jeremy is home!

Hooray! He’s home! Let’s see… On Friday, Vince went to school and had pizza day and I went to the a coffee clatch given by a German’s expat’s wife Annette. Annette has two kids, Ben and Henry. She usually hosts this coffee on Friday, I went a few weeks ago. Patricia, Zilka and Jackie were also there. It was such a wonderful time, we talked about our families and our kids and our trips and nude beaches and the kids all played wonderfully with each other.

Then I drove to Bard. That night, we tried to go to a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser at the Bard Student center, but they were giving out free food and the line was waaayyy tooo long. So Vince got a bag of Doritos and we went back to the Martin’s house for dinner.

This morning, Bob and Vince took the doggies for a walk to get the newspaper. When they got to the spot where the newspaper is delivered, it wasn’t there. They waited for a little while and they were about to turn back, but then the truck came by and the driver threw the paper out. Vince was very impressed. Bob left for NYC to hear cellists audition for the conservatory and Katherine and the kids and I went to the mall and bought some socks for the kids. Man, those socks disappear really, really quickly. I always seem to need to buy more. We had lunch at the food court. Then we went home and read stories and I left at 2 pm. Came back home and waited for Jeremy to come home (he got a ride from Bob). Emy came up too and is spending the night here in our apt. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Bob, Vince and Edda’s birthday. I baked a chocolate-sour cream cake, we’ll see how it turned out tomorrow.

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