More Work & …

When I decided to visit Doris last week, work was pretty slow. That was why I drove off to see them before they are leaving for overseas. I thought the work load might drips, drips and drops to a complete stop. But, work is picking up again now. Part of it is due to re-analysis with revised input.

Well, I will submit a request for 3 weeks vacation without pay later this month. Hopefully, they will extend my job after that. But, not sure. If not, I will collect my un-employment insurance in Washington State for 6 months. But, hopefully, I will have something before that. If not, I will cook for Mom for 6 months with help from Mom & Doris before looking for another job. Doris showed me some of her cook books and a lot of ingredients from her pantry while I was in NY.

Do you folks still remember Ms. Pan? Our in-house keeper while you were young. She is a realtor. She is around Deerwood area and is asking, thru one of our common friends, whether we will sell our house or not yesterday. I told her friend not now.

Oh, the mediation session by the Maryland State will be held on Monday, March 21 in Baltimore.

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