Party, party, party.

We started the day at 8:30 am with a breakfast birthday party at Annette and Frank’s apartment. They were celebrating Frank’s 35th birthday. We had a yummy breakfast of bread, cheese, chicken salad, fruit salad, tea, coffee and cereal. Yum. Jeremy brought back a lot of goodies for the Germans, including bread for Frank’s birthday and licorice candy for Patricia. Jeremy bought 5 bags of this cat-shaped candy for her and they were pretty awful tasting, but she seemed pleased. The kids got chocolate eggs filled with toys. These toys are pretty cool, they are quite complicated and mechanical.

Then we went home and got Emy and headed up to Bard for an afternoon birthday party for Vince, Edda and Bob. We had pizza and the chocolate cake that I made (which was quite fluffy when I pulled it out of the oven last night, but had collapsed to half of it’s height by this morning). Katherine made meringue. We all wore Thomas the Tank Engine hats and ate off Thomas the Tank Engine plates. They were left over from the party on Wed.

Then we headed home, dropped Emy off at the train station.

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