Watery ppppooooppp. Yuk!

So on Monday, Edda started to have a little bit of puking and diarrhea but on Tuesday, she seemed happy and eating a little bit better, but the watery poop continued as well as a low grade fever. She stayed up most of Tuesday night fussing, so on Wed, we went to the doctor. Actually, we all see Dr. Sullivan at the Red Hook Family Practice near Bard and just by coincidence, I had scheduled Vince, Jeremy and me for phyisical exams on Wed., so I just added Edda to the schedule. And to make it a full afternoon, Ruby had her annual check-up on Wed also. Five appointments in one afternoon. Pretty efficient.

Anyways, the highlights…

Edda is fine, I was worried about dehydration, but Jeremy figured out a way to get her to drink Pedialyte from a bottle. She’s not very skilled about using a bottle because I mainly breast feed her. And the doctor said that it’ll take another 2 days or so to run its course. She seems better hydrated today and less fussy and she did sleep much, much better last night, although it seemed as if she nursed every 30 minutes, so less sleep for me.

Ruby got a microchip put in her back for identification. We are getting ready to move her to Germany and Singapore and one of the requirements is to have an electronic tag placed in her. It’s a chip enclosed in glass and is about the size of a grain of rice. It comes loaded into a syringe and then the needle is placed between her shoulder blades. And voila, she is scannable!

Had dinner with Bob last night, BBQ chicken and rice. Yum.

Now Vince is running a low fever, but he seems to be in a good mood. We’ll see if the runny poop makes the rounds.

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