Weekend Update…


I went to Arif’s company (they have a 50″ DLP flat screen) to watch “The Big Lebowski” and “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”. The first was entirely random and the second was just super funny. I wanted to go to White Castle after that movie. It’s also funny casue we were watching both those movies with Arif’s boss, her husband, her 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend. Not exactly normal family fare, but liberating. Oye, and I’m out of my element with white people.


Woke up at the early hour of 1:30pm. Spend the afternoon ripping music from my old HS CD’s to Apple Lossless format. I’m running out of disk space tho.

I went out to dinner with Arif and Arif’s cousin Nasreen. Nasreen is looking for an availible Muslim boy that’s good looking. Most of the night was strategery for her to find a good feller. We, again, went to Pacific Edge and watched “We Don’t Live Here Anymore”. Naomi Watts is pretty good looking, tho her character was kinda bitchy in the movie. It was the perfect movie to set Arif off about philosophizing about what could go wrong in marriage.


All day eating affair with all the Malaysians. Choon and Pei-Sun. Judy (non malaysian) and P’ng. and Lynn. We went to a Thai temple in berekeley where they were serving hawker style food. Yum Yum. There were these deep fried sweet potato yam, coconut and onion cakes that were soooooo good.

Then we went to see P’ng and Judy’s maybe new house in Alameda. $450k for about 800 square feet. ouch. plus I’m hanging out in the wrong crowd. Everyone’s in that group is getting married and looking to buy a house. Of course the conversation revolved around home loans and home improvement. Kinda felt a little out of place there.

Of course, then we went out to eat Malaysian for dinner. Beef Randag. Good stuff.

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  1. Donald, keep looking and smile a lot. Don’t think too much. Just send out more resumes and looking for jobs. Sooner or later, you will find one. After that, you sure don’t feel “kina felt a little out of place there”.

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