Beautiful day today!

A gorgeous day today. Hmmm, I’m finally wearing shorts. Cleaned out the front closet of gloves, mittens, -20F coats and boots and stashed them all upstairs. I’m getting my spring cleaning fever, it means, time to throw the clutter out out out! It’s hard though with Vince going through the trash and IDing each McD toy and saying, “This is not trash” in his serious, serious voice.

At lunch today, Vince managed to spill both a jar of mayo and a bottle of yogurt smoothie and I was flipping out a bit and he said, “Let me give you a hug, mom.” It was very nice.

I’m working on my piano stuff, a Kuhlau sonatina. I’m pretty sure that Donald played it before. Working on playing the right hand louder than the left hand. Who knew, I always played the melody and harmony with the same hand strength. I did start the Bartok also, it’s 6 books of progressively harder pieces. In book 2, it’s still pretty easy, 2 hands in the same position and not moving across the keyboard, but, man, there is pretty much no tune. It sounds very weird. Oh well, I’m going to have to buy a recording to know if I’m playing it right.

Laundry is still a mountain over my head.

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