Grouchy again.

I’m starting to keep a log of my grouchy/happy days on my calandar. I need to know if my moods are mainly hormonal or if they actually have anything to do with anything that is happening with my life. Hopefully, it’s mainly hormonal so I can just ignore what’s happening around me.

So Jeremy is leaving for Singapore tomorrow for a week and I’m mainly grumpy about that. The two kids for 10 hours is brutal enough, for a whole week! Bleh! Argh! (Heh.) Amazon, now that they’ve introduced Amazon Prime shipping, where you pay $80 for “free” 2nd day air shipments for a year, now has really downgraded their super saver shipping so it is as if a camel is bringing my cordless phone. Our trusty Panasonic cordless phone has decided to stop charging and so I’m replacing it with some fancy Motorola thing-y which is arriving by camel sometime next month.

Tomorrow is my last piano lesson, I’ll have to pick it up again in Singapore where I believe the standards are higher and I’m a little bit freaked about it. I’m reading a book called A Personal Matter which is about a Japanese father whose first born son is born with a brain hernia and he goes around Japan meeting up with his ex-girlfriends and getting drunk and having sex with them. Hmmm, yeah, light reading. Jeremy tells me that most Nobel Prize Winners in Literature write pretty depressing books.

Today at Bright Horizons, it was Earth Day. We had purchased two really nice things, a butterfly bush and a redbud tree. It was a little bit disorganized, there was a dad there who was suppose to dig holes, but no one was around to tell him when to dig. He helped us a little bit, but for the tree, we hit rock 6 inches down. I’m pessimistic about them lasting any time at all. They are supposed to be watered and fertilized, but I’m pretty sure neither is going to happen. Oh well..

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