In Carlsbad, NM

Well, we are going to see Carlsbad cavern today and the Big Bend National Park tomorrow and heading Austin, TX. Anyone know where is the Lyndon Johnson Library is? And the place where the motion picture of “Giant” was filmed.

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  1. Lyndon Johnson library is located on near the campus of UT Austin.

    Giant was filmed in Edna, TX.

    If you go to Austin, be sure to eat at Guero’s. It’s on 1412 South Congress. Get there early for dinner because there can be a loooong line. They serve Mexican food. If you want something fancier, go to the East Side Cafe. 2113 Manor Road

  2. The Giant was filmed in Valentine along the way to Marfa. The crew stayed in the only hotel in Marfa.

    Tonight, we are going to Houston and probably will not be able to eat in Austin.

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