Jeremy’s at his hotel!

Hi sweetie, are you home?
Doris Lee: Yeah! Where are you?
jisaacmartin: In my hotel in Singapore
jisaacmartin: Very tired
Doris Lee: i miss you
jisaacmartin: I miss you too
Doris Lee: you got in 4 hours ago?
jisaacmartin: I don’t understand this het lag bit, why should I be tired when it is not even bed time in NY? I slept OK last night
jisaacmartin: yes I got in at 6
jisaacmartin: and then to the hotel at 7
Doris Lee: it’s bed time. it’s 10 pm sunday night. You should be wiped out
Doris Lee: i’m going to bed in a bit
jisaacmartin: Anyway I have a phone call to make at 10 (a few min) and then I have to kill time until lunch
jisaacmartin: How was your day?
jisaacmartin: I trust the kids are asleep by now
Doris Lee: good! We had a nice morning, Martin picked up the car. We ate at home, took the long walk with the doggie and went to Bard. Didn’t see the Beethoven concert, but did see Patty, Ira, Laurie, Melvin, Karen, Margurite, and Andy.
jisaacmartin: Cool, sounds like a good day
jisaacmartin: Obviously I have not much to report so far
Doris Lee: You mother made a fabulous dinner and we walked afterwards and they have Ruby which freaked Vince out because we were in Hyde Park before he realized that Ruby wasn’t there and he was sooo tired.
Doris Lee: How was Singapore air?
jisaacmartin: It was nice
Doris Lee:
Doris Lee: Who are you calling?
jisaacmartin: The seats are pretty much completely flat and only slightly sloped
jisaacmartin: Boon,
Doris Lee: Work or social?
jisaacmartin: a guy who worked in NY for a year
jisaacmartin: work
Doris Lee: Ahhh…
jisaacmartin: although I also really like the guy
Doris Lee: My parents are in Mexico now… Hee hee.
jisaacmartin: I did go out to the mall next door, but only the coffee shop is open
Doris Lee: They left a message.
jisaacmartin: Ah, they are in Mexico, an international trip
Doris Lee: Yeah baby!
jisaacmartin: Yeah, I got an email about it
Doris Lee: Cool
Doris Lee: Hmmm, what else?
jisaacmartin: I am going to go in search of a hair cut after my phone call
Doris Lee: Cool. Also look for toys and candy and toys and candy
jisaacmartin: right, they have good stuff in the airport
jisaacmartin: so I am not too worried
jisaacmartin: I think I will wait until my head clears before I buy anything besides coffee
Doris Lee: cool.
jisaacmartin: I was researching out finger lakes trip
Doris Lee: Yeah?
Doris Lee: I’m pretty excited about it.
jisaacmartin: Huang says Watkins Glen State Pa
jisaacmartin: rk is the best
Doris Lee: RK?
jisaacmartin: it is about 4-5 hours from our house and 2 from rochester/syracuse
jisaacmartin: rk is the second half of park
Doris Lee: OK
Doris Lee: yeah, i keep forgetting that patty needs to drive 6 hours home from Bard I always think it’s only 3 or 4
jisaacmartin: So the takashimaya is just around the corner
jisaacmartin: this place feels like a cross between taiwan and a beneton ad
jisaacmartin: there is a lot of diversity
Doris Lee: COOL! What have I done without the takashumaya
jisaacmartin: I watched a chinese movie on the plane and I could almost follow parts of it’
Doris Lee: ha ha
Doris Lee: really! cool, which movie?
jisaacmartin: I think if I watched the kids chinese shows like you used to I might pick stuff up
jisaacmartin: Hero,
Doris Lee: ah yes, the action movie.
jisaacmartin: It was made by zhang yimou
jisaacmartin: who made raise the red lantern etc
jisaacmartin: and it had jet li and maggie cheung
jisaacmartin: So an artsy action movie
jisaacmartin: the good part is they often talk really slow
Doris Lee: yeah.
jisaacmartin: So is Martin all set to take Vince tomorrow?
jisaacmartin: I guess I should go make my phine call now
Doris Lee: yeah, they took the car today to go to the Vanderbilt mansion
jisaacmartin: cool
Doris Lee: ok. i’m going to bed. see you later!
jisaacmartin: good night sweetie, I miss you
Doris Lee: i miss you 2!
jisaacmartin: we can web cam tomorrow night

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