My poor beloved alarm clock.

The alarm clock on which I first heard Michael Jackson’s Thriller is dying a slow death. This poor little alarm clock has woken me up for almost 20 years has become unreliable. A few months ago, I noticed that sometimes when I turned on the radio, it would come on very softly even though the volume was turned up. Today, we overslept because even though the alarm was set for 6 am, the alarm turned on at 7. Ah, time to look for a new beloved clock-radio.

6 thoughts on “My poor beloved alarm clock.”

  1. Is that the old one I just said it still works in your apartment? If it is, please keep it and I will get it repaired. Like my aunt. Or you can just mailed to us.

  2. Yes it’s the same one, I’m going to keep it around to tell the time, maybe in the kid’s room. You told your aunt her clock wasn’t worth repairing and this one isn’t either.

  3. I’m thinking about it, but I haven’t seen it in real life and it got some so-so reviews on Amazon for the clock funtionality. Still, I am salivating over it. Right now, Jeremy is booking our tickets for my friend’s wedding in France, 4 people is a lot to move on an airplane, so the $200 on a clock-radio seems indulgent.

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