OK, so I don’t remember my dream last night.

I woke up last night during a dream and I said to myself, ah, I gotta remember this dream. But this morning, the dream has been misplaced. Maybe it’s under a pile of laundry or something.

Jeremy is booking tickets to Geneva from JFK sometime today or tomorrow.. Our friend’s wedding is on June 25 in Grenoble and Katherine and Bob are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary the week before in the South of France. The plan is to have all 4 children and partners and their 2.5 grandchildren there as well. I think maybe Charlotte will come too. Katherine has rented a B&B on Lake Geneva. Very exciting. Except for the fact that we don’t know exactly where we’ll be living. The worst case senario is that we’ll be living in Dresden, all together, and would have spent $3500 on unrefundable airline tickets. But Jeremy thinks that the Dresden thing is off and now we are just headed to Singapore after our European Vacation.

Ms. Pat told me yesterday that as soon as Vince goes outside for playground time, he asks her over and over again if it’s time to go inside yet. It got to be so often yesterday that she asked me if Vince doesn’t like being outside.

2 thoughts on “OK, so I don’t remember my dream last night.”

  1. So, the Martins are heading to Singapore directly. Too bad, you can’t speak your real mother tongue. Hope small Martins can learn.

  2. I remember my dream last night. I was playing poker with some friends and i held the highest hand. after the hand I yelled at myself cause i should have check-raised instead of just raising. 😛

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