Sam, the birthday boy.

Jeremy has spent the past 2 days interviewing 2 different candidates for rotation positions at AMD. One is a grad student from Yushan Yan’s group at Riverside and the other is from Paul Ho’s group at UTAustin. Now that the interviews are complete, he’s concentrating on preparing for the Singapore trip next week.

The kids and had a great time today. I started my 1 week trial membership at the Fishkill All-Sport. I know I’m only going to be joining for 2 months, but they have an outdoor pool, children’s classes, and day care. I think Jeremy may be in Singapore by mid-May and I need somewhere to go for a few hours in the afternoon now that Vince doesn’t nap anymore. It was nice this morning, Edda was a little freaked out by the day care, yesterday during the tour, she was fine being left alone in the day care room – but this morning, I think there were a lot more kids and a lot more commotion and she was crying a little bit. Vince went to a Kids in Motion class where they got to play with bean bags and parachutes. I rowed an uninterrupted workout! Hooray!

Then we rushed home for Sammy’s party at the apt. complex. Sammy’s mom, Ormere baked scrumptious cupcakes and had Hi-C juice boxes. Two other kids came and they all ran around in the beautiful weather.

Then this afternoon, Sammy came over for a playdate. They played inside for 45 minutes and then we went to the playground outside. It was fun.

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