We are back home!

Hmmm, on Saturday, it was pouring rain in the morning, we just dashed to a local bakery to eat breakfast. Then we drove over to the Peabody Essex Museum which is about 45 minutes away from MIT. One of their exhibits is an entire house which was moved from China and rebuilt inside the museum. Katherine’s brother Andy was there and so were Katherine’s friends Mark and Andy. Jeremy spent the time trying to sell Mark our Accord. Bob spent the time trying to figure out if a chair they were selling in the gift shop would fit in his Acura TL. It did not. That afternoon, we headed back to Hotel@MIT and then didn’t venture out again, we had take out from Mary Chung’s and watched Lizzie McGuire on TV. They forcasted downpours, so we were scared to leave the hotel, but we just should have since it didn’t rain until after we went to bed. On Sunday, we met my friend Lana for breakfast in Harvard Square and I had a really nice time. Then we headed to Drumlin Farm, the place where Andy works. All the sheep, goats and pigs have just given birth, there were baby animals everywhere. Vince had a blast. Then we went back to Andy and Marguerite’s house for a light lunch. Then finally to Concord to have dinner with the Footes. They are relatives of Katherine though her mother’s mother’s side (Renouf). By this time, the kids were napless and exhausted, so we headed back home!

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