We have a new home.

The shuffling of some furniture in our little apartment has opened up a new perspective. Toys litter and scatter in the play room and the computer now lights up a corner of the living room. Now web surfing occupies the corner near the MIT lamp. Jeremy and I find this set up less isolating. Previously, every evening, I would scurry to the study to spot some email or Lands’ End shopping and I would disappear for 15 minutes while Jeremy waited for me in the other room. So now, I no longer scurry and disappear, I sit in the middle of all the hub-bub.

The hot weather today encouraged us to keep track of our sunscreen bottles; in the morning after Vince and Jeremy flipped some buttermilk blueberry pancakes, we walked around the apartment compex with Ruby. We lunched on dumplings and sandwiches. On Friday at Bright Horizons they’ll celebrate Earth Day and the school requested donations of trees and perennials. We bought a redbud cluster and a butterfly bush. The redbed was suggested by Katherine and the bush will attract butterflies when the flowers bloom. After the plant purchase, we ate ice cream at the little ice cream stand attached to the grocery store. Afterwards, a trip to Target and home to clean and dinner.

This week, Jeremy is preparing for his trip to Singapore.

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