With Mom, etc

I am with Mom. Came in last night. Stopped at Cinninati and got some famous Cinninati chilli on a burger. Claimed to be the best chilli around the country. I guessed it was good but not as advertized.

Too bad we are here without Donald though. But, always have “next time”. More tax time before 3 weeks trip. Will go to Washougal to get the river view window done.

Mom decides to build a house on her aunt’s 30’x36′ plot in ChungMing. Her aunt gracefully gives her the plot hoping that a more modern house will be built. We offered to buy the plot, but she said “no”. Other two adjacents plots are for their two kids. Mom will let her aunt and uncle stay in the house as long as they like. It is fair.

Head hunters asked me to explore a prospect in Denver. See what will happen? It is permanent. Not bad there either. Just touring the country while working. Maybe we can get a townhouse or an apartment there also. Who knows?

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  1. I *love* Denver! Go there if possible! (actually Boulder is better, but Denver is fine, fine, fine! Lots of outdoor stuff, hiking and skiing.

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