Jeremy is suffering again from hives after a pretty mild cold. He’s been taking Benedryl at night and conking out at 8:30 which leave me in this dark hotel room typing away at our blog. I hope it doesn’t get too much worse. Today we had an early start to the day by getting up at 6 am. We went to Magnolia Cafe for breakfast (open 24hrs) and then I dropped Jeremy off at work. Then the kids and I tried to get a satallite lock on my GPS. It took about 45 minutes, pretty crappy to say the least. We went to the bookstore, BookPeople, which is my favorite independent bookstore which used to be next to the flagship Whole Foods, but Whole Foods just moved into this huge complex across the street and now BookPeople has a lot less foot traffic. So we went in to a pretty empty bookstore. Then we went to a park and then to the Central Market for lunch. There is a playscape there and Edda ate a lot. We drove until Vince napped and then when he woke up we went to ride the Zilker Zepher again and then headed back to the hotel where I could watch and episode of Oprah which was so bad (Kirsty Alley) that I had to turn the TV off. Then we went to the Green Mesquite with the Strickers and hung out until the 8 o’clock bedtime.

Good night!

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  1. No rush. I think Jeremy should have a complete thorough physical. Maybe, the hives problem can be found.

    Hope he is getting better.

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