Crazy day!

After our morning hike, I took Edda to Target, where I bought provisions for our trip to Austin. Then I went back to Bright Horizons to have pizza day with Vince. I like pizza day because I get to sit down and talk with Ms. Pat about the week. She’s teaching my son his letters and numbers! Amazing.

Then I dragged the kids and the dog to Bard because our dog sitter is up at Bard and not down here in Wappingers. I took Ruby to the vet with Vince sleeping in the car with all the windows opened and Edda screaming her head off in the stroller. The vet needed to administer a kennel cough vaccine because Ruby’s going to be boarded with other doggies while we are in France. Then we went to see Eileen at Bard who had pizza (again!) in her office.

Then back home by 6 to see Jeremy and trying to pull the house in to order before we go to JFK tomorrow morning at 8 am.

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