Emily’s visit.

Today, Vince woke up all grumpy and Emy helped out by coaxing him to eat breakfast. It was kind of a slow start to the day, but we made it to the story time at the library. Emy took some nice pictures of Vince dancing. Edda has been very fussy the past 2 days or so, just screaming and crying and arching her back. All her back teeth are coming in and I think she is in some pain.

After story time, we went to Neko for a Japanese lunch and Vince spilled a glass of orange juice and broke the glass and Edda fussed and made a mess around her high chair.

Then we went to the Barnes and Nobel and had some coffee and treats. We then headed home and the kids fell asleep.

Emy went home on the 4:50 train and we are madly eating leftovers and doing laundry to prepare for our trip on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Emily’s visit.”

  1. doris – is seriously the bionic woman. the energy those kids bring out of you – you do a great job. barnes and bookstore 😉 was fun too. i love how vince is so calm when you read to him. next time i see him i’ll remind him im not from Boston too.

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