Graduation at Bard.

Yesterday, Jeremy returned home from CA and I picked him up at the Beacon train station at 9:30am. After a little bit of bumming out at home, we headed up to Bard to see Bob and hang out on campus. Bob was participating in a bunch of graduation activities and we were planning to have dinner together after the ceremony was over. It was a beautiful day, the forcast was always threatening rain, but it never really happened.

We had lunch at McDonalds, then went to Bard to see Ruby. We met George Rose, a Bard grad and now a bio professor at Johns Hopkins, who was up for a meeting about the new science building/initiative on campus. For the afternoon, we bought groceries and drove around Rhinebeck so the kids would nap. We went home and stole cookies from graduation.

Bob got back at dinnertime and Jeremy started making dinner. A surprise of sorts happened and we actually had the major donors of the new science building over for Jeremy’s welcome home spaghetti dinner. We went out with the dogs and made it to the Hudson River to see the fireworks, but the kids and dogs were scared so we took one of the waiting golf carts home.

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