A Nice Walk

This morning I woke up bright and early at 5AM (after a very good sleep) and had a nice walk around the area near my hotel. Starting at Swissotel (which is next to the park on the right of the map below) I went down to the water, around the Esplanade (a big movie theater complex at the bottom right) and up the Singapore river. Then I went up into Fort Canning park (which is the big green thing on the left). It is a big hill where some of the earliest buildings in Singapore’s history are located, and it is now a nice park for a walk. I walked all the way around, although I could not read the signs since the sun did not come out until the end my walk. I was a little surprised that a restaurant on top called sunrise cafe was not open at sunrise. Then I went back to my hotel, had a nice talk with Doris, had breakfast, and took the subway to work. The subway ride was not too crowded, since I was going oposing traffic, and I felt quite awake and with it listening to the ipod and reading the Asian Wall Street Journal. It has also been a good day work.

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