Pooping is a problem

Edda just pooped! Hooray! It’s been 2 days I think and she’s been in a really pissy mood because of it.

I loved Remains of the Day, I highly recommend it to anyone. Great, great book!

I must be in a good mood because I’m using all these exclamation points!

Today Edda and I went looking for a geocache in Plum Point Park in Newburgh, NY. It was beautiful, right near the Hudson and a pretty easy trail. I took a self portrait of us using the timer funtion on the camera.

Vince finally went to school today after missing last Friday and Monday. Thank goodness!

Hey, so where is the rest of my silly family? It’s getting lonely here in blog-land.

3 thoughts on “Pooping is a problem”

  1. woohoo edda pooped. reading this blog always makes me smile. the pictures of edda are fantastic. shes so huge! at first i thought she was vincent.

    im so jealous ya’ll are going to austin.

    see you tonite for dinner!!! 🙂

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