Revenge of the Sith

Last night, I went to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith the AMC Mercado (the highest grossing AMC in the country).

They actually cancelled all the showings after 8ish, and were letting people into the theaters around 9. The showings started at 12:01am.

Of course, we got there at like 9:30 and had to wait 3 hours before our start time at 12:30. Personally, I think I’m too old to do this anymore, but whatever, a lot of people were watching it so what the hey. we ended up play hearts, spades, and some poker with chips on the floor even!

Here’s my review of the movie… I’m going to give out some spoilers here, but I figure I’m safe since I don’t think anyone’s going to watch it.

It was better than the first 2 for sure. More action and a lot of limbs getting lightsabered off. The dialog sucked of course. For me there was almost very little interesting about the plot. I’m not sure you learned anything more about the past that you wouldn’t have thought about already….

anakin kills a bunch of jedis, palpatine becomes the emperor. Obi-wan and anakin duke it out. It seemed just like, lucas came out and said, well, this and this and this have to happen in order for anakin to become darth vader. And then he just mechanically set out to hit those points.

so yeah, it was okay…

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  1. One of my earliest memories was seeing this movie with dad, I remember I think we saw it at Congressional Plaza, there was wrought white iron bars on the outside and we had to wait in this long line….

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