Weekend Update

I skipped out on work yesterday to go to a wedding. I don’t really know know these people very well, but it was a pretty nice affair at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. He was an army doctor and apparently, they had both known each other in chinese school and then gotten setup later in life.

I was jut mainly looking for familiar faces since I didn’t know who was going or not. I bumped into a friend of mine that I always bump into at random places: Fry’s, the bike shop. I also had the distinction of not having a my name on the seating chart too. I just attached myself to a table tho. Food was good tho not that much was served.

The groom was a little tipsy while he was giving his groom’s speech. That was amusing.

I cut out a little early since there wasn’t muich reason for me to stay. Then I went to Ray’s to play some poker. I won 10 bucks and I looked like a high roller in my suit and tie.

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