Welcome home parents!

Happy mother’s day and all. It’ll be nice to have you guys back on the blog again. We missed you here. This weekend was very nice. We had planned to go to an AMD softball game and picnic, but it was cancelled due to rain in the forcast, but it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Vince and I went to the gym on Saturday morning, then in the afternoon, Jeremy made an eggplant, ricotta casserole to celebrate mother’s day and we all drove to Bard to spend the night. I found 2 geocaches on Saturday using my GPS system. It was a lot of fun. I’m having a good time playing this game. I found one near the Adam’s in Newburgh and one in Norrie State Park near Hyde Park.

That evening, we had dinner with Rob Black who lived with the Martins when Jeremy was 2. He’s a chiropractor who also writes fiction and nonfiction on the side. He was up at Bard taking a writing workshop with Katherine.

On Sunday, we hung around Bard and heated up the dinner that Jeremy had prepared. Yum! Now we are home!

This week, Mom and Dad are back from their 3 week trip. Katherine is off to China tomorrow for a month, Bob is going to Budapest for a week and we are off to Austin, TX on Saturday. We travel more in a week than many families do in a lifetime.

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