Back to Dresden

Our friends, Martin and Patricia and their two children, left today to go back home to Germany. We had a lovely 4th of July dinner last night with them, complete with steak and apple pie. This is the toughest thing about moving, our friends are never really close by.

Litian, our friend from graduate school, is in NYC because her husband sang in Carnegie Hall on Monday night with the San Bernadino choir that he’s in. Apparently they have been preparing for this concert for over 5 years and he just joined last year, so he got to go. I was hoping she could come up for dinner, but it’s just too rushed and hectic.

Tonight, I have to pull together the paperwork for the 2 cars and figure out how to do long term storage for the cars (at least for Jeremy’s) and also think about bringing 8 snow tires down from the attic. Ugh.

Back from France.

So we are back home! We had a wonderful time and met lots of wonderful people. Eveybody got up today at 4 am today because of jet lag and now Jeremy and the kids are out on a walk while I do my blogging. I have to say that I didn’t get any pictures of Johanna, Ben’s girlfriend, who now has a wonderfully 2nd trimester shaped belly. Nor did I get photos of Clara and Colette, our hostesses in Evian – friends of bob and katherine – who arranged hotels and massages for us, not did I get photos of the bride and groom of the wedding we went to near Grenoble, but what the hey, there are pictures of the kids, what more can you ask for?