Argh! Bleh!

So things are getting crazy around here. Today the movers are coming to survey the apartment and tell us how long it will take them to pack and move us.

Jeremy is doing conference calls every night this week to Singapore and also handling the dog import rules. It looks like we are going to fly through Frankfurt, so we have to confirm rules in Singapore/Germany and the US. It looks as if the dog handling services in Germany are quite professional and are good at telling us what to do to make Ruby comfortable for the airplane ride. We have to see if Ruby gets to get out of her crate to pee in Frankfurt or not.

Hmmm, what else? Tonight we are going up to Bard to take care of Trudy/Ruby while the Martins are in NYC. We all have dentist appointments tomorrow and Ruby has a vet appointment tomorrow as well.

And, oh yes, this weekend we are flying to Europe.

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