Father’s Day & Mom/Dad’s 37th Engagement Anniversary

Thanks for the phone calls and a bottle of wine for Father’s Day. Donald, I was up in the air flying when you called. I tried to call you when I was on the ground but you were not there.

Mom almost bought me a Ford F150 truck at Washougal for Father’s Day. Well, I suggested that, may be, we can postpone it for a while. Or otherwise, you are going to have 5 cars for 2 people.

Coming Wednesday is Mom/Dad’s 37th engagement annivesary. Since I will not be there with Mom, I bought Mom dozen roses for this occasion to say “Thanks a lot, Mom”. Mom, she is always very great to me 🙂 and I am very fortunate. Oh, time is really passing by very fast. Our engagement was just like yesterday.

Doris, hope you and your family have a wonderful stay in France. Say hello to Bob & Katherine for us. Donald, how is your bike riding and collar bones?

Mom & Dad look forwarding to seeing you all on the weekend of July 4th.

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