I wonder if Jeremy is on his way home.

Hmmm, he’s not logged into Yahoo.

So we have been agonizing over the flights because of Ruby. Ruby has the most complicated paperwork, with proof of vaccinations and treatments within specific time frames, a USDA certificate of export from Albany and an import license issued from SGP. I was hoping to take a non-stop flight from NYC, so we could be assured once on the plane in NYC, no paperwork glitch was going to stop us from reaching Singapore with Ruby. But the non-stop flight is 20 hours, pretty much guarenteeing that Ruby would poop/pee in her crate after holding it as much as she could and also we found out this flight is weight restricted and Ruby would not be allowed on the plane. They use every extra bit of weight capacity for fuel, so nothing extra. So we were looking a two flights, both stopping in Frankfurt. We were assured that the folks in Frankfurt were quite good at dog handling and that there would be a vet to look after Ruby. The two flights were one with an 80 minute layover and one with a 12 hour layover. The critical thing was to figure out if Ruby would be able to get out of her crate to pee and walk around a little bit. I was disparing that we would never find out exactly what happens in the cargo area of the Frankfurt airport and inclined to go as quickly as possible to SGP via the short layover, but my sweet husband, Jeremy found out (after about 50 calls and emails) that the dogs get to get out of the crate and walk around starting one hour after the plane lands and then they get back into their crates one hour before the flight takes off. Ruby will get to walk around and get food and water. So we are doing the long layover. It’s crazy, but this is the thing that is worrying me most about moving. I just invision us stopped in Frankfurt with the Germans not allowing Ruby on the flight to SGP. Then we would be screwed. But our vet is preparing paperwork for import into Germany, just in case something weird happens. I guess worse could happen, it would only be a paperwork snafu, and not really anything terrible. We would just have to work with a German vet to get the German paperwork ready.

Vince is going to miss his school a lot. He really enjoys it so much. Ms. Pat, his teacher, really does a good job. Today they came home with handmade Father’s Day Gifts! (I’m glad you got the wine dad, sorry it was a hassle, I thought the apt complex could do it. It is from Jeremy’s favorite winery – maybe he can tell you the story…)) I hope his new school will be just as much fun for him.

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  1. Mon & Dad enjoyed the wine with 2 couples last night very much. One couple bought an retirement home here in Vancouver also. No hassle at all to pick it up.

    Poor Ruby with the flight arrangement.

    Donald, have you fixed your flight yet. Just let us know.

    Doris, hope you and your family have a wonderful stay in France.

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