Real Politik

So I biked to work yesterday.. It only took me an hour or so to get in. Of course, since I’m paranoid about leaving my bike outside, and would never ever ever in a million years do that. I, of course, did what any other paranoid person would do, and I chained my bike up to the outside of my cube. I “worked” for the day, and then when 6 came around, I got changed a left.

Well today, my boss sent me an email telling me that someone complained about my bike being in the hall… great.

Referencing my picture below, there’s a hallway running down the left side of my cube. My cube is the inside corner cube.

Apparently, there’s a lot of senstive library materials being shuffled around and people say tehy might bump into my bike… But i dunno. The hallway is a good 8-9 feet wide and there’s already a clothes hanger to hold people’s jackets in the hallway.

so anyways, hopefully she isn’t just complaining about my bike in general. Plus, this is a great excuse too to get a folding bike. ha!

5 thoughts on “Real Politik”

  1. This is my two cents. To leave the bike somewhere (bike rack?) without people complaining or riding the bike after office hours. This is a small thing and don’t let it gradually becomes a target which, eventually, grow into a big thing. World consists of contradicting outlooks and good things for you may not be good for others.

  2. Uh. Locking you bike on a biek rack is all good and well, unless of course, your bike costs $3000 and I bet my pedals cost more than 80% of the bikes on campus.

    I’m not leaving outside my sight.

  3. Well, I believe so. But, apparently, your boss and colleagues do not like your bike in your work place. If not resolved, it probably will cost you much more than $3,000.00.

    Find solutions that will work and keeping your bike in your working place is not a good one.

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