Slow Time

I guess the company is in the period of “slow time”. Not much going on. But, I am spending my days right now with several finite element analysis computer programs, which are available in the company’s computer system, by following the tutorials that later may be proven to be useful. Maybe not. Who knows? But, instead of just sitting here, this way it is good for me and the company. Later, they may need those skills. I certainly do. IT is interesting if they work closely with company’s main business. To be just a working bee, engineering is much easier for me right now because I don’t think I can get on the keyboard too often. It is bad for my hands, shoulders, neck and eyes. Besides, drawing too much brain power. Sometimes, to be just a working bee, at the bottom of the totem pole, is really bad. One cannot use talents as broad as possible. Just looking at small things but not the big pictures. Especially, there are a lot of things on which you are sure that you can excel. Well, of course the merit of it, is just working on what is assignment and there is no “why & what”.

I guess the best, at my stage of life, is to have outside business of my own – any kind 🙂

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