Today, Saturday

Well, after ate breakfast with our university classmate’s kid, he went apartment hunting and I worked on the yard, mowing the lawn, trimming the trees, picking the wild grasses, putting back all the stones for erosion control and power washing the side door and garage. It looks great right now until next time.

Aunt Jane and Carrie stayed here for 4 days last week.

Our classmate’s kid will stay a couple of days and our old friends, a couple, plus her sister and brother-in-law will stay a couple of days starting next Monday. Her sister needs surgery to remove a lump in her lung. They are old conples and driving back and forth to their house in the country side is just too much for them. So, they usally stay with us. This time, not them, but her sister needs someplace to stay. We are glad that we can help.

Well, I heard Mom is putting two cherry trees in our house at Washougal. I also heard that over there, to buy a house now, they need to lineup and sleep over at the office door. Just like Las Vegas when I was there. Crazy! Imagine, when bubble bursts, what will happen. And a lot of people just bat the opposite. Interesting!

Donald, did you get the tickets yet?

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