Trains, Trains, and a Bus

Commuted to work today for the first time. It wasn’t a bad experience tho I did have to get up about 1 hour earlier than normal. Door-to-door, it’s about 1 hour 15 minutes. It involves walking about 10 minutes to the Light Rail stop down the street, changing to hop the Caltrain at Mountain View, and the hopping the Marguerite free Stanford bus to work, and then walking about 5 minutes to the library.

My normal commute is about 45 in traffic which blows. I figure getting a folding bike, might cut down my commute time by about 15 minutes and hopefully, once I get my powerbook, I can do something on the train ride over besides sleep.. whee!

One thought on “Trains, Trains, and a Bus”

  1. Commuting on the train isn’t that bad. I remember that in my high school years, the top student in my class always got his work done completely on the train from his town to Taipei. It was absolutely amazing. His house did not have electricity and yet he was only one who really excelled. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I thought he was kidding. One day, I opend the last section of our Chinese literature book and asked him to memorize. With in a few minutes, he could recite it back.

    Well, my point is on the train, one can pick up something daily and eventually accumute something valuable. In addition, maybe can meet some nice ladies too 🙂

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