Yard Work

When I was in Washington DC, I did a lot of yard work. Really quite refreshing. Good for my heart and better for my health. I needed to rest several times before continuing. Guess the age gets me. But, otherwise, was okay. Too bad, right now, didn’t have enough time to put flowers on the parameters. That bird family was still there beside the chimney. I cut the vine around them several time but yesterday I still saw the nest with birds. A small bird sticked his head up waiting to be fed, I guessed. Our asparagus bed is not too good. Last year it was better. The clematis around the wagon wheel and mail box is doing fine. The magnolia from Austin, Taxes is not too happy, I think. The persimmon (?) is also doing fine plus those oaks. I did not repair cracks on our blacktop that well last year. This year, I may try again.

I just heard that the largest house in our neighborhood was sold to an Iranian couple, both of them are doctor, for 1.25 M. Other than that, nothing changes much in the neighborhood.

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