Big night in NYC! 10 years of Doris and Jeremy,

So Jeremy and I have been together 10 years this month and to celebrate, we went to NYC overnight without the kiddos! Bob and Katherine kindly agreed to watch Vince and Edda for 24 hours and we headed into the city to have some fun.

Vince did great and loved the sleepover, Edda had a cold and was pretty fussy the whole time. Bob and Katherine didn’t get much sleep last night….

Since we don’t really know how to have fun in the traditional NYC way, we had Emily as our tour guide. Is it weird that my sisten-in-law was with us on our date? No way, it made the night a lot of fun.

So our train was late, so we got to the city at 4pm and took a cab to the Metropolitan Museum. All weekend, we only took cabs, what a luxury! Spent a few hours in the museum and then headed across Central Park to Bob and Katherine’s apartment. In Central Park, I looked for a geocache and to my delight, there were other people looking as well, it was my first time meeting other geocachers. We found the geocache and I signed the log and we headed to the apartment…

Then we called Emy and agreed to meet her after work in the meatpacking district. Our evening was to be within 2 blocks of her hotel. We first had drinks and appetizers at Highline, a Thai place. This was really funny because the place looks like it came right out of Sex and the City. We sat on beds in the middle of the restaurant and had some drinks.

Then we headed to a Cuban place for dinner… Waited about 1.5 hours before we were seated, but it was just fun with Jeremy and Emy. We watched our table given away by the owner to friends of his and the hostess was really apologetic, so we kept waiting. Had more drinks… Getting a little more tipsy… There was a band and people were dancing. I got a kiss on the head by a patron I smiled at and the waiter was cute! It was so loud and everyone was dressed up for a night on the town in sparkly tank tops.

We headed back to the apartment to crash and then back home this morning to pick up the kids.

One thought on “Big night in NYC! 10 years of Doris and Jeremy,”

  1. i had a really great time last nite with you two! aeiii i really had no idea it was your 10 year anniversary! i guess i should have realized it – seeing as i was AT YOUR WEDDING … but gee, ok now that i know that – i hope last nights evening was a good time!
    i definitely had a blast and wish you two were around more often. but perhaps those nights are good every “4 years” 😉


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