Denver & Charlotte, NC

I am with Mom and will shop for a F150 at Washougal. She is the one like truck. I can not quite figure it out. Here comes the cowgirl – Rena, driving a truck.

Still not cast in stone. Mom probably will be in Denver for a temp job (3-6 months) with the same per diem and 1/3 higher hourly rates as mine. After that, she is eligible to have un-employment payments with WA for 6 months. Those payments remain effective until we are 65 and 7 months for 6 months. Still, it has a lot of time & ??? in between. See what will happen.

I have a prospect in Charlotte, NC with 3 months as a temp and, later, becomes permanent. It is iff right now. But, first, be hired first.

We will look houses in both places and do some math before doing anything. Denver with comparative lower market values and close to Rockies probably is more suitable place. Don’t know.

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