Pool time and IKEA time.

Had a nice day at the pool – the apartment complex had the regular tot time today, but instead of the regular programming, we had a pool party! The kids had a great time playing in the shallow tot pool. Laurie, the apartment complex activites coordinator, had prepared snacks, crafts, lunch, everything. The moms talked about getting pregnant, potty training and sex, the regular mom stuff… Vince and Edda had a blast.

Once we got back from tot time, we headed down to NJ to IKEA where we picked out furniture for our apartment in SGP. I guess IKEA just opened a shop in SGP and our realtor said that we could pick our furniture out from the SGP IKEA catalog, so Jeremy looked through the catalog and we went to NJ to look at our furniture. My first reaction was that I had pretty much outgrown IKEA furniture, which I regard as first apartment post college furniture, and I just can’t image Vince and Edda jumping on any IKEA furniture and it lasting a microsecond. Some the IKEA stuff is really crappy – so basically we looked at the most expensive thing to get (which is still really cheap when you compare to Crate and Barrel or Room and Board). I think it will be durable enough. It’ll be great, Jeremy even put linens and dishes on the list, we’ll see how it goes.

IKEA is a great place for kids, they have free babysitting for 60 minutes, they have a place to eat, Edda loves the swedish meatballs, and thoughout the store, they have little play areas, like doll houses or ball rooms. It’s pretty fun.

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