Progress on moving to SGP.

Things are moving along…. We got our contract signed, the apartment lease is cancelled, our NYTimes subscription is cancelled, lots of things are happening.

I went to the post office today to mail some things (one thing for mom, it might take a few weeks to get there, I mailed it media mail) and I was really worried about mailing a rather large package to France. I had bought a nice bowl for Cindy and Patrice and the box turned out too large to take with us on the plane, so I had decided to mail it. I was worried that I might pay more to ship it than it cost to purchase it, but it was only $20 to mail. That was nice.

We had a wonderful afternoon, Ormere invited us over to their house for lunch (nuggets and corn, yum!) and she, her two boys Sammy and Michael and another mom, Tara and her son Ethan went to the Cold Spring park together. Its a really nice park, totally fenced in and lots of toys to play with. Vince and Edda had a nice time, although we had to leave before Ormere and Tara because Vince was really tired and couldn’t negotiate the playground politics.

We picked up Jeremy from work and finally Vince fell asleep at 5 pm which is why he’s up at 10 pm. Ran a bunch of errands, library to donate books, Babies R Us to return a crappy baby product and then to the Fed Ex office to pick up our immigration papers.

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