Ruby, with her carefully arranged flight schedule, made to carefully coincide with predicted bowel movements, arrived not with us as planned, but 12 hours earlier on the continuation of our first leg out of Frankfurt. Jeremy had spent many days trying to arrange a good flight for Ruby, which included a 12 hour layover in Frankfurt to insure her a rest and nice kennel. But the baggage people left her on the plane and allowed her to go ahead without us. Ruby the pioneer! She got to the airport 10 hours earlier than us. Luckily, the company we hired to help up put her in quarintine was already on-site at the airport and moved Ruby to the quarentine station without us. We are fortunate to have procured their services as they paid for the quarentine space before we even landed. Lucky for us, we also taped copies of all the import information onto Ruby’s crate. Visiting hours are from 4-6 today, so I’m hoping the kids and I can make it down there to see her new digs for a month.

It sounds like our apartment is fully furnished and ready for move-in, but the landlords are still waiting for the 2 month deposit from AMD. Hopefully, that will happen today and we can move in on Saturday before Jeremy has to go to Germany for 5 days.

I’m going to try and get a cool cell-phone today. I don’t know what it is about being in Asia, but I love cell phones here. It’s becuase I’m cheap and I love not paying for incoming calls and I truly believe that the cell phones are cuter here than in the US. My major goal for the next two years is to learn how to text message. Woo hoo!

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