This was a fast week!

The week is over and we are closer than ever to moving to SGP.

Vince’s daycare agreed to extend his care until 4 pm next week on MWF which will give us more time to sort our stuff and have him happily entertained on Wed when the packers are here to do their work. We’ve been talking about buying a lunch box for him and what he wants to bring for lunch. Also, he’s going to have nap time at school as well. He actually want to go to Target right now to get his lunch box.

I spoke with Christine Smith today for a long time and arranged for an outing on Tuesday with the kids. Seems that things are going well with her, Jonathan just got back from three weeks in Germany. Now that her youngest, Dakota is in the first grade, she’s thinking about going to the Culinary Institute of America for cooking school, which is very exciting.

Vince has been learning to count. Usually, the order is one, two, three, four, five, six, fourteen, sixteen, fourteen, sixteen, eleventeen. Today he finally told me that eleventeen is not a number.

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