To ME65


Both Rena & I are resigning from our current positions and taking on jobs in Denver, CO. As temporary contractors for 3-6 months, working for the same consulting firm, we will start our new assignments there in early August. Therefore, eight years + of our physical separation is becoming history. We look forward to enjoying our re-union and, in the meantime, we would still have time and can check out Denver and see what its exceptions with unique flavors are. One of my colleagues joked that after these 8 long years, one may not be able to get used to each other soon, or at least not so soon. I don’t think so and hope Rena feels the same way.

The bad thing about moving at this moment is that we just miss the upcoming wonderful Chinese musical performance by Judy and Allen in Tacoma and Bellevue, WA. She is very good as a soloist singer and, Rena & I are very anxious to hear her voice again.

One of the good parts of moving to Denver, besides sightseeing is that we will be able to meet SL’s younger son there. Yesterday, he called & offered his help to find us apartments. How about that? Younger generation takes care of the old; very thankful indeed. Oh, about two months ago, I had a chance to meet CK Kang’s younger son in Washington DC. He is such a promising young man, just graduating from college, with a lot of future ahead of him. To have eyewitness these personally was indeed a very gratifying experience.

The major good thing about our moves is, of course, if I face joyful moments or encounter problems, I can always turn to Rena in person. She is right there in front of me “Every Day Live” :), not just “Saturday Live” or in our situations right now, even worse.

After this pit stop, the chances of finding something together probably are pretty remote and nil, may be outside of our allocated future time for working. But, within a year or half, I still would like to find something in Alaska in the summer or somewhere that we like to stay for a while and visit, may be somewhere in the Canadian Rockies, northern States in the middle or southeastern States along the coast. No matter what, of course we are going to be together and carrying out our retirement plan in earnest.

rena & noel

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