What’s with the “la” at the end of the sentences?

Well I’m back, finally. I’ve been without a computer for many, many hours now and now that Jeremy’s back, I’m not only complete emotionally, but electronically as well. This week that Jeremy was in Germany was a little trying for me, I haven’t had Vince and Edda around the clock with me for a long time and we didn’t really have any food and when Jeremy left, the gas for the stove wasn’t even really turned on… But Jeremy has a bunch of work friends who looked kindly on me and dropped by and had dinner with me and found a school for Vince.

2 thoughts on “What’s with the “la” at the end of the sentences?”

  1. Welcome back to bloggerville! Hrm. I’ll have to ask about what singaporian dishes you should try.. lak sah.. char kwei tow? those could be malaysia… hopefully your week will get a bit better!

  2. Well, “la” probably is the part of the Chinese of “How la” – good, ready; “Kwa la” – pretty soon; etc. Don’t know.

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