Jurong BIRD BIRD BIRD park. BIRDS are everywhere.

Today we went to the Jurong Bird Park with Matilda and family. It was hot, hot, hot! The highlight of the day may have been the air conditioned McDonalds or the air conditioned monorail ride. Today was Singapore National Day, so Jeremy had the day off and we all dressed in red. Vince was more impressed with Singapore National Day than he was about the 4th of July.

The house is coming together, the landlord had bought a whole bunch of white furniture and we needed some more color in the rooms, so we got a bunch of crazy colored rugs from IKEA and moved them in. It’s feeling more and more like our house.

I’m having a hard time cooking here. In the US, I was getting more and more ambitious with my cooking, using exotic ingredients and different techniques. Here, I’m still familiarizing myself with the layout of the supermarket and all the weird stuff they sell there. I’ve been looking at local cookbooks, but the ingredients are strange. We’ve been having pretty simple dinners here and eating out a bit.

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