Not just pizza.

So today I arranged for Jeremy’s shirts to be laundered. I called a phone number and they were at the apartment within 30 minutes and the shirts will be clean in 4 days. Woo hoo! I never have to leave the apartment.

I was a little worried about Vince and his school because yesterday there was some sort of “accident” with a scooter and Vince ended up crying and the teacher told him not to cry and that only babies cry. Hmmm, not exactly an American reaction… Vince repeated the crying line a few times during the evening, it seemed to trouble him, so I was worried that he was a bit stressed at school and that the 8-5 schedule was going to be a bit too long. But he tumbled out of the bus today happy and telling me he had a good day.

Edda appetite is continuing to improve. She seems happier these days in quite a while. She ate most of a pork chop and was cheerful and happy.

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