The school bus is here! The school bus is here!

So, now I’m relegated to waiting in front of the complex for Vince to come home at 5 pm. This is what I got out of him today. There was some argument today with his teacher over a scooter, some sort of accident and crying and not crying. There was a shower. There was the performance of “The Hokey-Pokey”. There was a discussion of shapes. The peas and carrots and rice for lunch were good. The cream puffs were the bomb. There were mushrooms being made and left at school. Nap time did not result in a nap. A good day overall.

Edda really enjoyed her day at home with one-on-one time. She was especially pleased at the spaghetti dinner. Thank goodness we are starting to eat at home again. She’s been eating less and less since we moved to SGP, she was sick last week when Jeremy was out, so now things are improving.

Jeremy made a dash to IKEA, again, this time without the kids and I think we have pretty much everything we need. Of course, everything he picked out is orange, the color of Jeremy.

I explored a little bit more, I found the post office (long line), I found a music school, Vince and I can start piano lessons whenever we want to. I just came back from a nice swim in the huge pool right outside my window. I’m so pleased with our internet phone.

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