Thanks for calling.

Yes, it’s our anniversary tomorrow. We celebrated today by making a nice chicken dinner with rock-shrimp sauce. Jeremy took a picture of the dinner, it was so impressive. Vince is getting to be handier around the kitchen. We let him pour ingredients and wash the vegetables, basically anything that doesn’t involve a sharp knife or an open flame. We had an amazing day, woke up early and went to Pasir Ris park all the way on the other side of the island. We took the subway and it took us 24 stops. We thought it might be a nice place to take Ruby and it is a very nice place for doggies, but it does take a while to get there and without a car it’s hard to imagine Ruby getting there. Vince got to play in the sand and in the water at the beach. Edda enjoyed her swing time at the park’s swing set. They have nice bike paths and a bike rental place with tandems and kiddie bikes, but it looks to be strictly BYOH (bring your own helmet). Then we took a taxi to the Takashimaya, the primo shopping stop for Jeremy and perhaps for the rest of Singapore as well. There sure are a lot of white people shopping there. There’s the Bulgari, the Tiffany’s, Cartier, etc, etc, etc. It’s pretty hilarious to see all these Asian people all done up with the fancy hair that’s so light, it’s almost blonde and wearing blue eyeshadow. We bought chopsticks, rice bowls and a spatula to flip our pancakes. Then we took a bus home, this was Vince’s call, I think Jeremy and I would have preferred a taxi, but V-man was keen on the bus. Vince really wanted to sit in the way back of the bus and was pretty determined to squirrel through people’s legs to get to the back, but it was standing room only and no way were we getting anywhere past the 3rd row of seats.

Now another work week, Vince is growing fast, eating a lot.

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  1. Happy to know that you guys had wenderful day and glad to know that Vince helped too.

    The dumpling fillings:
    one and half # of grinded poark ( we use grind turkey meat now); chiped chiese vegitalbe-squised out the juice(sometime i use cabige but you have to boid it first to soften it befort chop);some chiense pickels. some (two)fresh muchroons;chipped fresh genger roots, two pieces of chopped spring onoins. if you have waterchest nut chop some. Mix them together put some sesame oil, salt, soysouce. mixed well. The ratio ( by vlume) of the mixed chopped veg to the meat about 1 to 1. Now we used mor vegi. Some we add one egg to make it stick toghter.

    You can buy fresh rappers. Otherwise, you cab mix with all perpose flouer, water, and an egg about atleast 3hr. before to make the dumpling. Do not Make the daugh littlet big softer and easy to work with.

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