Vince. Sick, Taxi. Home.

So Vince got sick at school today and started mumbling about wanting to go home, so I picked him up in a taxi at about 3 this afternoon. He’s a bit sick and homesick at the same time. I have a feeling that I’ll pull him from the all day childcare and have him come home after lunch. This 8-5 deal is too much a shock to the system.

Today, I welcomed Rukia into our house. She’s our new housekeeper who will clean the floors and the bathrooms and kitchen once a week. We discussed the time and what equipment I’ll need to purchase. I told her about Ruby… She’s Muslim, so apparently you aren’t suppose to touch dogs, especially their tongue, so I guess Ruby and Rukia aren’t going to be spending much time together. I made sure that touching dog hair wouldn’t be a problem.

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