Fair Price

OK, so there is nothing really wrong with the Fair Price near our house. Fair Price is the main supermarket here in Singapore with branches located everywhere. I bet you could walk all day in 15 minute intervals and just rest at a different Fair Price each time. I like to shop at the Cold Storage which is a few MRT stops over from our house, with wide isles and shorter lines and more stuff like cheese and tortillas. However, we end up shopping at the Fair Price pretty often. You can see – first, my new haircut and second the stack of Tiger beer behind me. And next to the Tiger beer and on the floor is a bunch of boxes. Basically, they are always, always, always stocking the shelves and it is such a pain to move the stroller, keep track of Vince and push our little grocery cart around. Also, since it’s always packed, I think they run out of stock pretty quickly and so you will find different things on different days. One day, the didn’t even have Kikkoman Soy Sauce. What’s with that?

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