Finally, the weekend.

I’m not sure what it is, but Jeremy and I are both wiped out from this week. Jeremy certainly did have a stressful week, lots of late night calls to the US, but overall, the kids were well, and I didn’t have that much to do. Perhaps I’m a little tired because Jeremy is tired. Who knows. I haven’t written much, because there isn’t much to say, past the laundry, dirty dishes and such things, but here are the highlights of the past few days.

On Wed night, I had my 2nd piano lesson. I’m trying really hard to keep the rythmn. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, so I have the metronome cranked up and really, really slow and I’m trying to play a Sonatina to the metronome. Pretty much as soon as my concentration wavers, I lose the beat. Oh well, my teacher says that I should be able to learn it. I also signed up for private theory classes, so hopefully I’ll learn that as well.

Thursday, we went out with Kate and her aunt Mary Ann. Kate has had a bunch of people visit her here, I’m impressed. We went to the Carl’s Jr. downtown to get a real burger, which I haven’t had in a long time. I watched with amazement as Kate ate 2 burgers! Remember, she’s 7 months pregnant and growing. After lunch, Vince found the Toys R Us and was enthralled. I’ve been looking for this CD called the Hi-5, it’s the soundtrack to a popular kids show here. I couldn’t find it in the local mall here, but near the Toys R Us, there was a Tower Records and they didn’t have it either. They sell it on Amazon for 11 dollars.

Today there was a really loud thunderstorm. I have never seen Ruby so scared – she was trembling. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to be near me or in her crate hiding. So after each clap of thunder, she would either slink off to her crate or come find me in the apartment and tremble at my feet. Vince slept through the whole thing and Edda was fine about the storm.

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