Learning letters

Learning letters
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A low-key day today for me and the kids, we spent the day going to the library, eating at McDonalds and Vince taking a nap (Yes!). For about 45 minutes today, both of the kids were napping and I had a few moments to myself, which I spent asleep. Vince really dislikes taking a nap and I don’t often force the issue, but I felt today that he really needed one and he went to sleep after about an hour of “I DON’T WANT TO TAKE A NAP!” But if he takes a nap, then we can go swimming and on an ice cream run before bed. If he doesn’t nap, we usually have to put him to bed right away. I know, exciting stuff, but what can you do? Thank you Kiki for the wonderful Edda name puzzle. It was just waiting for us today in our mailbox. Oh also in the mailbox was a wedding invitation to an old MIT friend. It’s going to be in Puerto Rico in April of next year and I’m hoping we can make it!

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